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Mjk automotive of Colorado, (Denver Metro area), Are deceptive and very unethical dealers.I am a auto dealer myself and purchased a vehicle online from them, after speaking to the owner Matthew Kraus, on the phone several times and being reassured that the vehicle we were purchasing did indeed look like a 6000 mile vehicle should.

We purchased the vehicle, when it arrived it was terrible shape, all 6 tires were bald and mismatched, not typical of a 6000 mile vehicle. The under carriage was completely packed with mud, frame rails, mud was completely packed around transmission, brakes, gas tanks, inside rims etc. The frame of the vehicle had then been painted by MJK Automotive to cover the mud, and is most places was painted right over the mud, in some places 3 to 4 inches of mud was painted over. We had many hours of cleaning this vehicle which included total removeal of all shields, bumpers, wheels, fuel tanks, etc.

This vehicle was sunk in a mud hole that had to be at least 3 feet deep. They purchased it at an aution and attempted to cover up the mess, The dealership employee (Joel) admitted that they had already cleaned up alot of mud to sell it, and that it was is rough condition. The owner still claims that this truck was perfect and some "dust and dirt" should be expected. My last conversation with the owner ended with him being very foul because I asked for compensation, I was told several time to "go *** myself, and finally hung up on.

These guys are not to be trusted.

Shop elsewhere.

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Really?110 gallons of mud off of a truck?

Sounds like your the liar!


I notice the second pleased customer does not give his or her name, probably an employee of the dealership, thanks for the advice, think I will stay away from that place

to Angela #994719

You don't give your last name, so I just think you're a troll trying to hurt a business. Don't you love how that works?

Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #252422

Its not that easy to walk away, You don't know all the specifics of the case.I sent a driver who picked it up in the middle of the night, the damage wasn't apparent until it was put on a lift.

We are 900 miles away and the driver had a one way plane ticket, had it been me picking up the vehicle I would have walked away. The pictures I posted didn't lie, and it had a "clean" carfax. This thing was worse than any vehicle I have ever seen, and I did mudbogging as a sport. Never had I seen frame rails completely packed with mud.

This wasn't just a splash thru the mudhole. The fuel tanks had to be removed to clean the mud, the vent holes in the brake rotors were packed. My point was that they knew this and never told me on the phone, they tryied to clean this. We chizzled out over 2 55 gallon barrels of mud.

Sound like fun to you?? I bet not, I also never said they didn't have any clean vehicles or weren't capable of selling good vehicles, however mine was grossly misrepresented. This should serve as a warning as to the character of these people, also when presented with a problem after the sale, being told to get "***" isn't good customer service. I have 30 more pictures documenting this disaster if you would like me to post more, and I have pictures of the 6 bald mismatched tires on the 6000 mile truck I purchased.

That was just the cherry on the top of this sweet deal.Thanks Guys.


I'd like to start by saying I recently purchased an emaculant vehicle from MJK Automotive Group. I worked with Joel and it was the best experience I've had purchasing a vehicle. They offered all paperwork and history on the vehicle as it was a "USED" vehicle and did everything possible to ensure I knew what I was purchasing. Again I couldn't be happier! Secondly I specialize in Commercial Insurance where I deal with Commercial Vechicles and claims on a daily basis. If a vechicle would have been sunk in a mud hole 3 feet deep, I'm sure it wouldn't have been able to have been driven out and therefore would have had to be reported to the insurance carrier for towing. The insurance carrier would have then totaled the vehicle out as a catastrophic loss and have been indicated on the title. That was a pretty bold "ASSUMPTION" to make when the vehicle purchased was a USED COMMERCIAL vehicle. I also see that you indicated the vehicle was in terrible shape when you got there....WHY DID YOU PURCHASE THE VEHICLE when you could have easily walked away?? I also believe you indicated Joel did tell you specifically he had worked very hard on removing the excess mud on the vehicle. It just sounds like buyers remorse......


Very Happy Customer of MJK Automotive Group.



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